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Lost Chapters in Murakami's Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Murakami Haruki is among the most translated living Japanese authors. His novel Nejimakidori kuronikuru (1994, 1995) has been translated into English as The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (1997) by Jay Rubin, who cut about 61 of 1,379 pages (4.4%), including three whole chapters (Book 2 Chapters 15, 18, and part of 17; and Book 3 Chapter 26). Other sections were rearranged or altered.

I'm a linguist named Kieran Maynard. I believe the deleted sections should be included in the translation, as they invite new interpretations and enhance appreciation of the novel. This is the subject of a research paper I published in University of Guam's Pacific Asia Inquiry journal.

After more than a decade, there is still no sign of an unabridged translation of the novel, so I have made these translations available here for readers to enjoy.

Many thanks to Dr. Masaki Mori of the University of Georgia, Dr. Tim Cross of Fukuoka University, and the University of Georgia Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities for supporting this research.

Mistakes are my own. Please reach out with corrections and comments.

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