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~Chinese / 中文

~Japanese / 日本語

"Notes on Democracy" Arundhati Roy

~Korean / 한국어
《그렇습니까? 기린입니다》박민규
《소나기》 황순원

~Finished / 読了 / 已读
"Factory Girls" Lesley Chang
"Your Republic is Calling You" Kim Young-ha
"River Town" Peter Hessler
"Oracle Bones" Peter Hessler
"Country Driving" Peter Hessler
「火の鳥9」 手塚治虫
"Inside the Kingdom" Robert Lacey
"A Room of One's Own" Virginia Woolf
《倾城之恋 》张爱玲
「1973年のピンボール」 村上春樹
"One Foot In Eden" Ron Rash

Translation Services

View Kieran's profile on LinkedIn

View Kieran’s profile on LinkedIn

  • Japanese translation

I specialize in legal translation, and have also translated medical, engineering, manufacturing, business, and finance texts. My passion is literary translation. My paper on the English translation of Murakami Haruki’s Japanese novel Nejimaki-dori kuronikuru (ねじまき鳥クロニクル – translated as The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Jay Rubin) was published in fall 2013 at the University of Guam. I passed the JLPT N1 in 2013 with a 93%.

Learn more about my translation practice at my profile on Proz.com.

Contact me for a quote at km(at)kieranmaynard(dot)com.

  • Chinese translation

I specialize in legal translation, and have also done a good deal of medical, PR, marketing, and advertising work. My translation has been published in the Beijing Review. I read widely in Chinese literature and aspire to translate it for a living. I studied Chinese literature in Mandarin at Fudan University on a CSC Fellowship and passed the HSK Level 6 with a 92%. I love to translate literature, research, and other things Chinese.

See my profile on Proz.com.

Contact me for a quote at km(at)kieranmaynard(dot)com.

  • Korean translation

My current goal is fluency in the Korean language, so that I can read Kim Young-ha in the original, among other things.

I have translated Korean legal texts, which I had proofread by a Korean expert. I am not accepting requests for Korean translation at the moment.

  • Editing & Proofreading

I do copy editing, in which I edit for proper grammar, usage, and style in my native English.

I  do substantive editing, in which I also edit for organization, fluency, and voice.

I  do proofreading, in which I check a document in its final stages for typographical errors, uncontested errors of spelling, and minor inconsistencies.

I was an editor at the British Standards Institution in Athens, GA where I worked on economic, terrorism, and political reports for the Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN), and an editor at Stillpoint Literary Magazine, where I did layout and proofreading for an entire magazine.

Contact me for a quote at km(at)kieranmaynard(dot)com.

  • Writing

I was a contributing writer for the Beijing Review‘s “North American Report“. My most recent article was a profile of renowned pianist Yuja Wang, and I also wrote about Columbia’s new endowment for Chinese studies. I’ve written many creative and academic pieces, including a paper on Japanese literary translation published at the University of Guam, a play for three actors and a prose poem about Japan published in Stillpoint, the official literary magazine of the University of Georgia, and a political stability report on Iran published in the British Standards Institution‘s Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN).

I write a blog about my travels, studies, and experience learning languages at my website, KieranMaynard.com.

  • Language tutoring

I can teach you how to learn any language. To tell the truth, all you need to do is listen to a lot of speech, repeat after what you hear, memorize thousands of words, and get feedback from native speakers. Do that every day, and you will be fluent some day, probably sooner than you think. However, this is easier said than done, and there are many tools and tricks. Using the right tools the best way, sticking to a schedule, and staying motivated are important skills I can help you establish through private lessons.  I don’t recommend you buy anything that I don’t use myself (my favorite tool, the SRS software Anki, is free) and I’m not affiliated with any company. I want to help you achieve your language goals.

Contact me for more information or a quote at km(at)kieranmaynard(dot)com.


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