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[Video] Caminar en la nieve // Walking in the snow

Esto es un video para la #Add1Challenge. Voy a introducir el lugar donde yo vivo.

This is a video for the #Add1Challenge. I introduce the place where I live.

* With English subtitles.

** 日本語字幕付

*** 含中文简体、繁体字幕

Caminar en la nieve 

 ¿Te gusta la nieve?

Crecí en Atlanta, en el sur de los Estados Unidos, donde casi nunca nieva.

Sin embargo, recientemente hubo una tormenta de nieve allí

En ese momento, yo estaba en Nueva York, donde a menudo nieva.

Me gusta la nieve.

Me gusta ver la nieve caer.

Me gusta caminar en la nieve, y patearla.

Cuando nieva, Central Park en Nueva York es muy hermoso.

Fuera de mi ventana, puedo ver la nieve cayendo en ese momento.

¿Tiene que nieve donde usted vive?


  1. Marcus Estrada says:

    Hello! I have been looking over your blog and am quite impressed by what I’ve seen. Also, how long have you been studying Spanish? I find it surprising that you’re American and didn’t study it before. Also, what do you mean by ¿Tiene que nieve donde usted vive? It’s not correct to add a conjugated verb after ‘tener que’. Sorry if I’m being a grammar geek here.

    • Hi Marcus!

      It looks like I never responded to your comment. Sorry about that!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words, and thank you for correcting my Spanish.

      How long have I been learning Spanish?
      – I had Spanish class from 1st-6th grade, but suffice it to say I didn’t learn anything
      – In college, it seemed like everyone else had learned more Spanish in school than me, and I wasn’t particularly interested in learning it, because I wanted to go to Japan, China, & Korea
      – In July 2013 I decided to learn Spanish “for real”, but didn’t follow through on my initial enthusiasm
      – Since then I’ve studied Spanish steadily but infrequently, by reading the occasional news article & El Principito
      – Thus, my Spanish is still poor

      As for being an American and learning Spanish, I think it has mixed effects. On the one hand, Spanish is everywhere in the U.S. On the other hand, there’s no need to use it in my daily life, and it’s discouraging to think there are already so many people around me who speak fluent Spanish. For translation in the U.S., Spanish is both the most in demand language, and the one with the most translators.

      This is perhaps something I should address in a post.


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