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"Notes on Democracy" Arundhati Roy

~Korean / 한국어
《그렇습니까? 기린입니다》박민규
《소나기》 황순원

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"Factory Girls" Lesley Chang
"Your Republic is Calling You" Kim Young-ha
"River Town" Peter Hessler
"Oracle Bones" Peter Hessler
"Country Driving" Peter Hessler
「火の鳥9」 手塚治虫
"Inside the Kingdom" Robert Lacey
"A Room of One's Own" Virginia Woolf
《倾城之恋 》张爱玲
「1973年のピンボール」 村上春樹
"One Foot In Eden" Ron Rash

Ishioka in Pictures

I am in Japan again. I crossed from Shanghai to Ibaraki by plane and rode the bus from Ibaraki Airport to Ishioka, a small town to the west. I hitchhiked from Ishioka south to Tsuchiura one day, and the next hitched the rest of the way to Tokyo. I would like to share some photos of Ishioka, where my journey began.

20130114-103737.jpgNear Ishioka station, where I got off the bus.

20130114-103800.jpgA small soba shop in downtown Ishioka.

20130114-103821.jpgOld print shops in Ishioka. L

20130114-103901.jpgWalking down Highway 6 toward Tsuchiura.

20130114-103912.jpgOn the road.

20130114-103841.jpgThe mountains in Ibaraki Prefecture.

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