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"Notes on Democracy" Arundhati Roy

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《그렇습니까? 기린입니다》박민규
《소나기》 황순원

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"Factory Girls" Lesley Chang
"Your Republic is Calling You" Kim Young-ha
"River Town" Peter Hessler
"Oracle Bones" Peter Hessler
"Country Driving" Peter Hessler
「火の鳥9」 手塚治虫
"Inside the Kingdom" Robert Lacey
"A Room of One's Own" Virginia Woolf
《倾城之恋 》张爱玲
「1973年のピンボール」 村上春樹
"One Foot In Eden" Ron Rash

Day 8 Shanghai

June 3, 2011

Eighth day in Shanghai: 上海美术馆 [Shanghai Art Museum], Yang’s place

Slept in and checked out at noon. Ate a crepe with egg, lettuce and cucumber at a street vendor. Sat watching pedestrians passing on the crowded Nanjing East Road. Walked down to People’s Park, around the lotus pond, and through the Shanghai Art Museum. One great artwork was a 文人 wenren scroll made of silver metal, in 3D. The vertical part showed embossed mountains, and the section “unrolled” on the floor had fully 3D mountains stick out of it!

Met up with Yang at Guilin Road and saw the apartment, in an old complex of five or six story buildings. Yang said most of the people living there are old, and probably moved to Shanghai when they were young. I met his roommate (and best friend from college), Tony, from Zhejiang. We went out for Zhejiang food. Drank some 黄酒 huangjiu [yellow wine] and are meat served with bread, boiled nuts, boiled chicken, 臭豆腐 choudoufu (“stinky tofu” that smells awful and tastes… ok) and raw crab (a special food, as Chinese food is usually cooked through). So that’s what smelled so bad on Shanxi South Road, stinky tofu! How can something that smells so bad taste… so plain? Raw crab’s flavor is special. It felt a little like Japan to be eating raw food again. We washed our clothes and hung them out the window, expecting thunderstorms over the weekend.



  1. Wendy says:

    sounds like you are having a good time!
    awhile back, my father took a bunch of photos of Shanghai– I thought I’d share them with you: http://fengxu.smugmug.com/Travel/Shanghai/15496498_VitHx#1181952201_ZWFTD

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