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~Chinese / 中文

~Japanese / 日本語

"Notes on Democracy" Arundhati Roy

~Korean / 한국어
《그렇습니까? 기린입니다》박민규
《소나기》 황순원

~Finished / 読了 / 已读
"Factory Girls" Lesley Chang
"Your Republic is Calling You" Kim Young-ha
"River Town" Peter Hessler
"Oracle Bones" Peter Hessler
"Country Driving" Peter Hessler
「火の鳥9」 手塚治虫
"Inside the Kingdom" Robert Lacey
"A Room of One's Own" Virginia Woolf
《倾城之恋 》张爱玲
「1973年のピンボール」 村上春樹
"One Foot In Eden" Ron Rash

Day 7 Shanghai

June 2, 2011

Seventh day in Shanghai: M50创意园

I met JQ, my roommate from Inner Mongolia. From the balcony I saw kids in day care, and was treated to karaoke from an upper-floor window. Ate lunch again at the Xiaoyang shengjian place nearby: (piping hot) shengjian and seafood wonton tofu soup. Rode the subway to Shanghai huochezhan [railway station], walked along Tianmu Road, and crossed the Suzhou Creek (passed by dozens of scooters on the way) to reach M50创意园 on Moganshan Road, some old factory complex converted into art space. I visited lots of galleries and took photos, and climbed a lot of stairs. The galleries ranged from tiny rooms too small to hang all the pictures to high-ceilinged spaces with glass doors and wood floors.

In one gallery sponsored by Fudan University, I saw a show called 课间 KEJIAN [Between-class break]. In two rooms, a curved white 3D grid was projected on a screen, and a camera pointed at the audience. When something moves in front of the camera, the image would change–bulge out if you flicked your fingers, ripple if you waved an arm. Then, the grid would burst into different colors and shapes before settling down into some new base shape for you to manipulate.

On Tianmu Road I stopped for mapoqiezi fan [mapo eggplant rice] (~$3). At the hostel I met Alan, my roommate from Guangzhou, in Shanghai for work.

PS: Take a look at the pigeon coop at M50. It’s at mid-left.


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