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Making Mochi in Susenji

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I biked around Hakozaki with my friends, and we visited the enormous Kyushu University hospital.

Kyushu University Hospital, Fukuoka.

The waiting room was like an airport, complete with multiple reception desks, rows of benches, a coffee shop, and a convenience store. We stopped by Box Town, a big discount store, and bought whipped-cream-filled pastries wrapped in plastic by the brand “We are françois”; we ate them at Starbucks, where I drank a hoji-cha latte (roasted green tea with milk), which cost almost $5. Though coffee shops are all over Japan, they suffer from exorbitant prices and low quality. I met my tutor at school, and we walked to a salon in Hakozaki where I got my hair cut.

Today I met Odit at school this morning; we took the subway to Meinohama, and the JR to Susenji, where we returned to the elementary school for mochitsuki. I got to pound the mochi with a mallet in a team with Mark and Chris, and afterward we ate as much as we could manage of four kinds of mochi. Sour daikon mochi, red bean mochi, kinako mochi, and sugary soy sauce mochi. I was elated to see some of the kids from the fifth grade class I visited. After the sweet feast I took the train to Tenjin, where I had a seafood calzone and some soymilk coffee with Hiro and headed home later on. A cold rain is falling today, so I made some mugi-cha with milk and honey at home.

Pounding mochi at Susenji.

I pounded mochi in this usu!

Until next time,

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  2. Jocelyn says:

    Hi Kieran, we are a textbook publisher and would like to include one of the photos on your blog in our publication, would you mind contacting us using the email provided? Thanks a lot and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Katherine Maynard says:

    Your mom is happy to see you are eating well!

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